With a librarian mom and a professor dad, you can expect a bookish family and we fit the bill. With fat-full bookshelves and reading lights for everyone, you will find us reading aloud or alone from morning to night.

I spend my days with a third grader, a first grader, a preschooler, and a baby boy.

We started out very gently homeschooling in kindergarten and maintained a very unschooling approach for our academically-minded first born. During his first grade year, I finally cracked open the first volume of Charlotte Mason's home education series that I had purchased at a used book sale years before. I was interested and influenced, but it wasn't until I read Volume 6 of the Home Education Series, A Philosophy of Education that my mind was completely blown and I became committed to following the Charlotte Mason method as fitted to our particular family.

We are a frugal family by necessity as we continue in our long-term efforts to pay off educational loans that at one point topped $325,000. Through budgeting, hard work, good luck, and consistent efforts, we have paid off more than half of our debt, but we still have several years left in our journey to be debt free. You can learn a little more about our journey to be debt-free here.

We homeschool, like we do everything else, on a strict budget. We make homeschooling work with free ebooks, a library card, used book sales, and supportive grandparents who buy wonderful books and sometimes even math curriculum for our math-loving son.

I love morning time, read alouds, and being able to give my kids hours and hours of free time each day (by using a strict homeschool schedule!) to follow their interests and be together with their siblings. It is a wonderful, bookish home-centered life!

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