2022 Reading List

I had another great reading year thanks to my reading goals, so I knew I wanted to intentionally plan a list of books to read this year. 

But, some big ideas that have been percolating in my mind have given way to a new desire for less structure in many different areas, including my reading goals. I really needed these reading challenges the last two years to get me reading different types of books and to push me to read "harder" books. 

And that diet of excellent books has helped awaken my natural curiosity to read more widely. So I already have a great list of books on my TBR list. And it seems disingenuous to force them into arbitrary categories on a challenge.

So this year, I will plan to read most of the books on my list below. Maybe next year I will be back to Books and Chocolate, Schole Sisters 5x5, or this art one from Rebecca at A Humble Place.

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I've put the books into a few categories to keep them organized and see what categories I'm covering (and missing). 

    Self Improvement / Parenting / Homeschooling
    New-to-Me Fiction Writers
    Other Nonfiction
    That makes a list of 36 books which is manageable but challenging for me at a rate of three per month. All of these books were already owned by me, except the two Howard Pyle books which I bought myself as birthday presents, or they are library books/ebooks. 

    I know I will read books that aren't on this list (I already read The Bat by Jo Nesbo and the next book in that series!) but I hope that this list will nudge me to read most of these titles before we ring in 2023. 

    I'd love to hear what you are excited to read this year.


    1. Wow! You have some meaty stuff on this list! I wish you well this year. :)

      1. Yes, I start with the hardest ones first. Currently reading Moby Dick and The Dawn of Everything. If I can get both of those done this month, I think I stand a chance ;-)

    2. I create many lists of books to read for my kids (either ones we listen to together or ones to have them read independently), but as of yet I've never made a list for myself for the year. Kudos to you!!! I read everything LM Montgomery wrote when I was in middle school, but I think I should read them again someday. I have read most of the books that CS Lewis wrote, but I don't believe I've read the one on your list. Maybe I'll have to give that one a whirl! I don't keep a list of the books I read so I honestly don't know how many I read in a year. I'm on my fourth book for this month. I hope that 2022 is a great year for you and your family.

      1. Thanks, Ruth. Luckily, I still have a lot of L.M. Montgomery left to read! I have this thing where I never like to read everything by an author I enjoy so I always have one left. I still haven't read all of Agatha Christie's books even though I have read QUITE a few. I hope 2022 is a great year for you and your family too. I'm especially wishing you a 100% return to use of your ankle with no pain!

    3. I make lists at the beginning of the year and then never follow them, which is why I think the challenges appeal to me. I think if I didn't have them, I wouldn't get through as many books or I'd read more fluff. :) They give me good ideas for what to read next. This looks like an excellent list!

      1. I hope that since I posted it here, my list will be official enough to keep me motivated! I used to read only about 1 "hard" book per year until I started doing reading challenges. And I really like how my mind feels reading more broadly thanks to those challenges. I hope you have a great reading year!

    4. I did something similar (though not nearly so ambitious!) and "assigned" myself reading each "term" of the year. It actually was enormously effective! Reading your list makes me want to pick it up again 🙂

      And way to go tackling the hard ones first. I'll admit, Moby Dick would have been enough to turn me off before I'd started, lol -- I had to read excerpts for my English major and it was so not my favorite 😉. You'll have to let us know what's worth the time!