Reading Goals for 2020

For the first time ever, I decided to list out some reading goals for myself! I do this with full permission to change titles and even completely walk away from my goals if I'm not enjoying myself. Just being honest :-)

I've chosen books for two challenges: Modern Mrs. Darcy reading challenge and the Schole Sisters 5x5 challenge, but I'm double counting, so the same book can appear on both lists.  I'm purposefully only listing a very few difficult titles, with many books being ones that I was hoping to pre-read ahead of our next homeschool year. Yes, that means many of the books were written for a juvenile audience. So hopefully this will make completing the challenges more manageable.

Thus far, I'm off to a very strong start to my reading year, so I have high hopes of completing both challenges. But with a new baby due in July, anything can happen!

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Modern Mrs. Darcy Reading Challenge
This challenge asks you to select books from a variety of categories:

Schole Sisters 5x5 Challenge
In this challenge, you pick five categories and read five books from each, rereads encouraged. I selected the following categories and books:
Social Studies (Geography, History, Travelogues)
Literature / Classics
Speculative Fiction

A few comments about my challenges . . . .

Last year I read 36 books not counting a few rereads. If I complete all the books listed above I will have read 32 books including a few rereads. That also leaves me a little wiggle room to add other books I come across and want to read too.

All of the books on my list . . . yes, every single one . . . is one I either already have on my shelves or is available at my local library. If I do buy a book and read it, you can bet it is something I purchased for homeschooling. There are just too many good books to read for free without spending any more money.

So that is it for me. What is on your to-read list this year?


  1. Lots of interesting stuff here! Thanks for sharing.

    And congratulations about the baby coming!!!!

    1. Thanks, we are very excited. And morning sickness has been a good excuse for reading more than usual.